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23 July 2008 @ 05:29 pm
lets go for spontaneousity.  
i found something in my old diary from yonks ago
that charms me. :]

lets go for spontaneousity. first we'll grab a sundae from one of our favourite malt shops, you'll order the soup of day and i'll order a cheeseburger, and we'll swap meals because you know how much i adore minestrone. maybe today you'll wrap you arms around my waist and bring me in so our noses touch and our eyes meet. while you're at it, you'll sing me purple rain by prince just so i can laugh at your 'prince' face which includes your girly little smile that really makes me giggle. i'll see you on webcam during the summer, we'll play our guitars together doing some beatles song and you'll absolutely shred your guitar imitating tom morello, and when nighttime comes and you persuade me to come online, here's hoping you serenade me please with a song you wrote yourself, you'll state that it isn't perfect but anything you write will be perfect enough for me. maybe during these long, hazy days of summer we'll go riding bikes together so we don't change your tires every five seconds because you car is prone to flats or empty out your entire wallet for gas in your car. we'll sing the sound of music soundtrack and i'll race you to the pier, and we'll also make out under that apple tree surrounded by those pretty flowers some sweet old lady planted herself, bike helmets on our heads to prevent the fruit doing isaac newtons on us. tulips and two lips. maybe when we get round to the couple last days of summer, while the cherry blossoms start to blossom and the gold and brown are standing out, maybe we can get into some big adventure with music guiding the way and iggy & the stooge's album as our soundtrack. <3

apparently i love it. i wish i could write again.
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