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03 August 2008 @ 09:25 pm
oh my oh my oh my.. it's only TWO days, until I move.  excited. so very excited. i've been listening to a lot of Tegan and Sara as usual, and realized noone else i know knows them so go listen NOWHHH BETCHHH. so yeah, i am PROPER buzzed today. :] 1. because i made best friends with more toddlers who adore me for providing them with chocolates and nail polish! 2. i am watching the dark knight with rory tomorrow and then we're walking on the beach and swimming out to the rocks in our clothes where all the seagulls live. <3 i am plenty happy just now and cannot wait until i move, get my legs tanned, learn to play the harmonica, and make a friend on the plane. august '08 sounds a lot of fun. <33

i took like a BILLION photos for you so

my fizzy fangs face?

that would be nature gurl.

rory + sarah knees forever.

okay, before you see all of thes epictures i'll fill you in.
helen is going out with murray, long ehaded and prone to our joking around with him, and we tease helen all the time about him and her getting married and having long headed curly haired children!

her baby's head will be so long she can breakdance on her tummy!

this would be helzabub!

murray actually does have a long head!

i'm pretty much a fruit!

we fell over while hugging, ahha, see katies head bashing into helens boob.

i know. the sexiest picture ever. me and my green fingers, espesh!

that btw, is chewing gum and chocolate.

^^^drug/lemon trident gum.

saddle up on our josephs?

olympic sized guinea pig!!

fizzy gummy fangs!!

we ate sugars. teehee.

its a lotta pictures i know. :] and they're all so pretty lookin! i took'em with the good camera :] not much editing, except for spots and annoying freckles on arms. ;] LOVE YOU. :]

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