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01 September 2008 @ 09:12 pm
Happy Labor Day, homies and homettes.  
I know it's literally been like a month since I last updated but things have been extremely busy what with this temporary apartment being internet deprived and I have to walk a mile to get onto google! It has been a blooming nightmare!

But enough of that I'll talk about school. It was a lot less painful than I had imagined and was even a little fun. My classes were hella cool and the teachers happened to be really nice. My math teacher was on the telly yesterday night and I was like, collapsing with laughter becaused he looked so different on the screen. Why he didn't mention his algebra class I don't know but I'll have a word with him later.

I'm currently babysitting the cutest kids on this planet. I have an american BFFLWGSAASTA. I've no idea what it means but whatever sounds more ridiculous. Ooh this is gross. My parents have got to stop sharing lame knock knock jokes. Shoot. Got to go, my dad wants a go on the internet on this Blackberry. <3

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